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10 Creative Ways to Use IKEA's Spice Rack Outside of the Kitchen


Last week, we were talking about cleaning hacks that doesn’t work, what about today? Uhmmm, let’s talk about Ikea rack!

Show Off Adorable Baby Clothes

baby clothes

Since petite dresses for petite people are often lightweight (and super cute!), you can transform this spice rack into open shelving in a little girl’s room without worrying about it crippling under too much weight.

Add Extra Storage to Your Office

If you live in a small space, you know that sometimes going vertical is the best (and only) way to store your stuff — and this nifty pegboard/spice rack combo makes that super easy.

Make a Floating Bookshelf


Here’s an simple way to (finally!) add some sense or organization to your kid’s endless collection of picture books. Just stack spice racks ceiling-high until all the books are off the floor.

Organize Your Craft Supplies


If you’re a ribbon fanatic (the more bows, the better!) then you need to invest in one (or six) of these spice racks immediately — they’re the perfect size to show off all your wheels of color.

Hang Your Jewelry Collection


Just add hooks on the front of this rack to hang every necklace you own. Bonus: You can use all the space on top (you know, where the spices are supposed to sit) to stash any other dresser-cluttering items.

Corral Your Writing tools

Instead of wasting precious desk space on your multiple pencil holders — that you could be using for, you know, work — store ’em on the wall above your work station.

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