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25 Ways to Organize Your Entire Home in Less Than a Month


Tame an Unruly Kitchen

1. Unify your utensils. Scrap any broken or unused gadgets. Remove what remains, wipe out the drawer and flatware holder and return utensils. Use drawer separators to keep them organized.
2. De-junk the drawers. Dump the contents onto the counter. Sort through them, putting like objects together. Use small plastic containers to store tiny sundries.

Organize the Pantry and Fridge


3. Purge your pantry. Throw away anything that has expired, and take inventory of what is left so you don’t buy what you don’t need. What to toss when? Peanut butter should go after six months; canned goods, unopened cereal and rice after one year; pasta after two years.
4. Divide food into zones. Put dry goods such as pasta and rice on one shelf; stack canned goods together. Keep baking ingredients in a single area. Reusable chalkboard labels are a fun and practical option for identifying what’s in each container.
5. Freshen up your fridge. Toss anything old (check expiration dates). Wipe down shelves. If the front has become a gallery for your kids’ artwork, keep only one current piece per child and get rid of excess magnets.

Make the Most of a Home Office

home office

6. Designate a command center. Collect frequently used information in a binder and keep it in a central location. The binder should be the go-to place for phone numbers and addresses, including all school emergency contacts.
7. Give electronic odds and ends a new home. Stow phone chargers in a pretty basket. Or use a cord cubby large enough to house a power strip for your devices.
8. Wrangle your wires. Are things all tangled under your desk or media center? Specialized cable-management boxes hold and camouflage power strips, with room for adapters and long cords.

Create a Clean Entryway

clean entryway

12. Carve out drop zones. Place boxes for incoming and outgoing mail near the door, and make a perch for your keys.
13. Pare down an overstuffed coat closet. Donate or toss little-used outerwear. Place fabric bins on the top shelf to stow hats, mittens and scarves, and a rack on the floor for boots and winter gear. If crowding is an issue, place off-season items in garment bags and store them.
14. Stop shoe pileup. Research suggests that shoes can track pesticides, lead and other contaminants into your house. Keep slippers in containers and shoes in a cubby or under a bench.

Clear Out the Kids’ Zone

kids room

17. Gather their stories. Set aside a low shelf to hold all your children’s books. Alphabetize them by title or author’s name so you can easily find their favorites.
18. Corral stuffed animals. Put plush pals in a bin or an upholstered storage ottoman.
19. Tackle that messy medicine cabinet. Get rid of expired prescriptions and medications, and wipe down all interior surfaces. Need more storage? Transform the unused space above the toilet by adding a shelved cabinet.
20. Organize toiletries. If you don’t have enough shelf space for cosmetics, store them in a makeup bag with a handle and hang it from a hook.

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