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Fall is all about fresh starts, so what better time to do some rearranging in your home? Feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of creating harmony between people and their surroundings, is a great way to revitalize the energy in your living space. Here are some simple tips to revamp for the new season with good vibes on your side.

1. Keep your bedroom free of distractions

Feng shui prescribes keeping the focus in your bedroom on what it’s really meant for — rest and romance. Remove anything from the room that takes your mind elsewhere. Surely you can find somewhere else in the house for that laptop, Bowflex and pile of paperwork you’ve been meaning to sort through. Place some plants in the bedroom for even better energy.

2. Get picky about what you bring into the house

Everything that comes into the home should be thoughtful and special to you. Whatever does make it through the door should be arranged with care and clutter should be avoided at all costs. It’s hard to break the habit of letting junk mail, impulse purchases and other unnecessary objects come through the door and pile up for months, but start with baby steps to slowly rebuild your habits.

3. Be thoughtful with the placement of mirrors

Mirrors can be great for energy flow, but avoid placing them in view of your bed or in alignment with your front door. This can push away good energy.

4. Arrange seating to allow for intimacy and connection

Make sure that living room or dining chairs aren’t placed miles apart from one another or facing away from each other. For each room to fully embody its purpose, the furniture has to enable the kind of activity you’d like to see happen there. If you’d like your home to be full of positive connection, warm conversations and happy gatherings, be sure to arrange your furniture with that type of energy in mind.

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5. Seek out great lighting

If a room doesn’t have the fortune of good natural light, opt for a light fixture that disperses the light to every reach of the space so it can be fully utilized. Dark corners are not your friend. With great light comes better aesthetics, and that makes for good energy flow, so be sure to seek out decor that is beautiful and especially pleasing to you.

6. Clear walkways between each room

It’s vital that everyone in the home can move freely from one space to another and that energy is able to flow. Be sure each walkway is open, airy and has no objects blocking it. This especially applies to your home’s main entrance, since it’s important to allow energy to flow into the house.

7. Let each room reflect its true purpose

Thoughtfully consider what you want each room in your home to be used for, and then go about removing anything from the room that doesn’t encourage that purpose. Many rooms in the house may seem to have pre-determined uses, like the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, but they still offer open possibilities when it comes to what kind of energy you hope to inspire in them. An adult’s bedroom can either be a sensual paradise or a cozy haven, a child’s bedroom may be a place for play or a place for studious attention to homework, and the kitchen may be a place for warm family gatherings or for nothing but speedy food preparation. It’s all up to you to decide, but once you have, decorate with that energy in mind, and be mindful to only use the room for its true task.

8. Get rid of things that no longer serve your life.

Purging unwanted objects is one of the most difficult (and ultimately gratifying) parts of maintaining a home, whether it’s done for better feng shui or simply to finally clear out some extra space in your closet. If paring down doesn’t come naturally to you (you’re not alone), there are about a thousand methods and strategies out there to help — my personal favorite is the KonMari Method. The simplicity of owning fewer objects will even improve areas of your life outside the home, and remaining thoughtful about your possessions will provide the great satisfaction of only owning things on purpose. (Also be sure to fix any broken objects in the house, as this will help calm anxieties in the home.) Not only does this provide a greater sense of control of your own life, but it makes for some excellent feng shui.


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