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5 Essential Time-Saving Tricks


We all wish we had an extra hour in the day, but there are ways to save yourself a little time – and sanity! Here are five essential tricks – what are yours?

1. Sort your whites and darks


By having two laundry baskets – one for whites and another for darks – you save yourself a lot of time sorting through laundry, before it goes in and when you bring it in to fold. The foldable mesh baskets are great for space, and you can get smaller sizes for the kids’ rooms.

2. One makeup bag

You know those dinky makeup bags you accumulate from gift-with-purchases? Instead of your makeup spread all over the bathroom, keep all your essential makeup in just one of these makeup bags. It keeps everything together, allowing you to streamline your makeup application (and keep the vanity tidy!). Then just pop the bag into your handbag for touch-ups during the day.

3. Cook and clean

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One of my favourite time-saving tips is something I picked up from a chef. Keep one large bowl on the kitchen cunter while cooking, and just drop all your mess, like vegetable peelings, in the bowl as you go. Saves times going back and forth to the bin.

4. Ready to wear

How much time do we waste in the mornings choosing what to wear? Prepare the night before by selecting your outfit (and that means shoes, jewellery and a handbag complete with all you need for the following day) and laying it out neatly.

5. Fill up!

Get into the habit of filling up – whether that be petrol in your car, or topping up your train ticket – whenever you have a quiet moment. There’s nothing worse than being in a rush and realising your car is running on empty, or missing that bus because your weekly ticket has expired.


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