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Digital technologies and its impact on real estate


The technological revolution

Many people’s 50 years of age and older has experienced a tremendous expansion in the world of technologies over the last couple of decades. Slightly more than three decades ago the primary mode of communication between people has been that telephone and the old mailing system. Internet has not been well known and neither has the possibilities which it presents been fully understood. All of that has changed drastically during the last decade or two. Especially since the emergence of Facebook and other social media entities we have seen a drastic change in the way in which business is conducted. Social media has provided most industries with a better way to do business and also to advertise. This has resulted in an industry where people are more aware of the possibilities which exist in the world around them. Technology has brought business owners and their target audience a lot closer. It has presented business owners with easier access to their target audience but likewise it has presented the consumer with an almost unlimited set of options when they are seeking for a specific service or product.


Real estate is no exception

When the Internet has first emerged it has immediately made an impact upon the way in which real estate business has been conducted. But over the last couple of years especially with the improvements in smartphone technology the real estate industry has really seen a significant increase in the possibilities which were presented to them. The advantage of a smartphone or other kind of digital computer is the fact that these appliances are more mobile thereby allowing the consumer to be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This has astounding possibilities when it comes to marketing because there are no longer a delay between the time that a specific advertisement is published and the time when it will be accessible to the consumer. This has allowed real estate agents to interact with the prospective buyer in a more effective way. Many real estate applications are now available on smartphones which are providing both prospective buyers and real estate realtors with substantially more possibilities when it comes to the negotiation of a possible property sale.

hand holding mobile phone with house sale offer

The elimination of needless and time-consuming actions

In the old days a prospective buyer was left with no other choice but to accompany the real estate realtor and to drive from property to property until the perfect property has been found which were perfectly suitable to their needs. With the modern smartphone applications which are available it is now possible to view hundreds of properties and then to make a short list of those properties which the prospective buyer may be interested to see in person. This can save an incredible amount of time and effort and can substantially shortened the negotiation process. Most of these real estate smartphone applications also makes it possible for prospective buyers to read the reviews about a specific real estate agent which makes it easier to obtain the services of a professional which has an excellent reputation within the industry. They can be no doubt that modern technologies is playing a massive role within the real estate industry.


Written by: (Wonderlist/Kellye Tan)

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