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Last week, we were talking giving tips about what home owner should do to save money immediately, and design idea of using french windows. Today, we are going to talk about doing differently in bedroom floor.

As we’d converted the room into a bedroom, the natural flooring option is to go for a carpet. The room is at the top of the house so the floor needs to absorb sound (and not create extra noise) but as we weren’t putting children up there, we felt we could be more flexible on this.


And I really do feel that you don’t have to follow convention. Why not push the boundaries and do something different? It’s my home after all, and I’m the one who has to live here, and enjoy the space. Creating a room that was aesthetically pleasing, packed a punch and yet was practical and beautiful too wasn’t easy, but adding a statement floor helped.

In the end we chose a very dark solid wood bamboo flooring, as you can see above. Against the white walls it has real impact and sets off the rest of the decor. Covered in sheepskins, it’s warm underfoot, and whilst it does show the dust, it’s also hygienic and practical for my asthmatic husband.

The whole process has made me think about the choices we make for our bedroom decor. Why do we feel the need to be curtailed by tradition? Shouldn’t we be making our flooring and interior decisions based on what works for us as an individual or a family, and not what brands and magazines set out?

I like the approach that Carpetright are taking at the moment with their #DoItDifferently campaign. You can see here, just how passionate they are about giving people options and choices when it comes to decorating their bedroom floor. And it gives an inkling into how thinking and trends for this area are changing. We don’t have to always put carpet on the floor in our bedrooms; there are great alternatives which create a very different interior. So if you’re interested in doing something new do consider the options.


Vinyl flooring has made a strong comeback in recent years and isn’t as cold underfoot as it used to be. Now available in lots of different finishes and textures, it’s a practical alternative for a bedroom floor.

Carpet tiles can create a fabulous statement on the floor, particularly if you use them to create a pattern or effect like this below. If you’re a fan of the geometric trend, cutting and laying tiles in this way will create an immediate wow factor, and set the tone for the rest of the decor.


For many years we’ve all opted for a plain flooring in most of our rooms, the bedroom included. But maybe it’s time to embrace colour, pattern and print again. Stripes are great, and can make a room feel bigger and longer. Plus combining two textures, perhaps to section off parts of the room from each other, is a good use of flooring options. In the bedroom, I love this idea of carpet under the bed, and vinyl around the dressing table. It’s a great way of making more of a feature of the bed too, another big investment in any bedroom.


Whatever you choose to put on your bedroom floor, it has to be something you are happy with. I can’t tell you how much I love our dark, wood floor, even though we were told again and again it was a bad choice. I’m really pleased that we chose to Do It Differently!

Will you be doing something different with your bedroom floor?


News Source: (Jen Stanbrook)

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